Hyperborea is an Italian company founded in 1995 that operates in the ICT sector with a specialized offer  of SW solutions and applications in different domains, namely: document management, cultural heritage and environment.
In these contexts, over the years, Hyperborea has performed tasks focused on the design and management of complex IT systems, consulting and system integration services for various public institutions and private entities.


Founded as an independent institute of the CNR in 1980, the ILC is a reference center in the field of Computational Linguistics. It carries out research activities, significant development tasks, technological transfer and training activities in their targeted discipline and related strategic scientific sectors.


The “Alessandro Faedo” Institute of Science and Information Technologies (ISTI) carries out research, technological transfer and training activities in the main thematic areas of Information Technologies: Systems and Networks, Software Technologies, Management Systems Information and Knowledge, Graphic and Image Processing, Computational Applications.

Erre Quadro

Erre Quadro deals with software development and tools for the automatic analysis of technical texts aiming at supporting companies R&D tasks and strategic management processes. Since 2013, it has owned the spin off brand of the University of Pisa. The consulting services it offers include: analysis of patentability and of a  technology state of the art, foresight studies, as well as activities to support the design of new products. The main customers are SMEs but also large companies belonging to the biomedical, automotive, energy, textile, and large machinery production sectors.


NetResults S.r.l. produces equipment infrastructure and software solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration. The NetResults offer is aimed at telco operators, telephone installers and software developers.
NetResults S.r.l. was born in April 2006 as the official spin-off of the University of Pisa in the field of telecommunications networks. Since the early years, NetResults has concentrated its efforts on Research and Development activities, completely focused on the established company’s core business, namely VoIP (Voice Over IP), MoIP (Multimedia over IP) and QoS (Quality of Service) / QoE (Quality of Experience), with both on-premises and Cloud versions.


We are producers of materials and structures for upholstery in Polimex® and operate in all stages of the process according to our customer’s request:  from structural design and construction to filling with any white coating. An aspect that we consider to be primary is the use of modern production technologies to make semi-finished products. Our team has a solid experience in the upholstery sector and has been working for years to overcome the limitations of traditional production technologies.
The result is the birth of an innovative business project based on one of the most advantageous structural materials for upholstery ever made. Production and marketing of Polimex® are our exclusive.

SIMM Toscana

Since its foundation (1 August 2014), SIMM Toscana has carried out important works in the industrial, commercial, transport and infrastructure sectors. Among the first projects, plant maintenance at the production facilities in Empoli (FI) of Industrie Bitossi S.p.A. (Pratella and Sovigliana) and Colorobbia Italia S.p.A. Over time, the activity of SIMM Toscana Srl stood out for its high quality standard; confirming this prerogative SIMM Toscana has managed to acquire important contracts with companies of national and international importance, such as Sammontana S.p.A. (Empoli), Solvay Bario S.p.A. (Massa) and Saint-Gobain Glass Italia S.p.A. (Pisa).